Baby… Baby… Baby…. Ohhhhh

Baby Makes 4 for the Craigs!  


Oh sure everyone has been prepping for A1, but some even more exciting news was released on the January 1, 2018!  One of our favorite families on instagram who gladly share their parenting adventures with their son Jagger are adding to the fam! We’ve watched baby Jagger- now 3- take more celebrity moto pictures than most people can dream of! They also vlog their journey on youtube so you can share along with them.  Paige took some time to answer a few questions in between chasing Jagger, being newly pregnant and getting her nerves ready to watch Christian on that A1 GATEDROP in two days!!!  Always one of the nicest girls- check out her mini interview with Jacquie!

 Photos- Jacquie Shortino

1. Was it a conspiracy for you  the Osbornes, AP and Alessis all to get pregnant? 😂
Nope just completely random and terribly timed by all of us haha!! Osborne’s and us are good friends actually. We had our first kids a week apart so super fun to have the second pregnancies only one day apart this time! Not planned but so awesome!!
2. Do you enjoy being pregnant? Morning sickness?
 I love being pregnant. It’s such a cool experience that I’m fortunate to experience again. I don’t have much morning sickness other than just feeling blah
3. What’s more stressful the A1 gatedrop or childbirth? 
Gatedrop 100%. Childbirth is nothing compared to that crap haha!! Also helps having an epidural!
4. Has jagger named the new baby yet? 😃❤️
Jagger hasn’t named the baby yet but he does insist it’s a boy. Pretty sure that’s his dad coaching him to say that tho haha. Christian is FOR SURE it’s a boy and I’m not buying it
5. Question you hate being asked when you’re pregnant  
I don’t really have a question i hate honestly. It’s just a bunch of answering the same questions over and over but that’s just cause people care which i can’t complain about haha
6. Plan to continue vlogs during SX now that you found your camera? 📸📸📸

I will for sure vlog during SX as long as my husband stays ok with it. If it ever becomes a distraction or annoying i will stop right away. But for right now, we both enjoy saving the memories

7. What’s your pregnancy style? 👗


I have 0 pregnancy style haha! I typically just do whatever is comfortable.

If I have my hair and make up done I’m cool with whatever!
8. Favorite part of being a Mom ❤️

Best part about being a mom is kinda watching my husband be a dad. You assume your significant other will be amazing but it’s a whole new ball game when it actually happens. The three of us doing EVERYTHING together. I’m pretty sure that there’s no family who spends more time together than us. Christian loves us three to be together more than anything which is really special.

Congrats to the Craigs and and all of the new moto babies joining the family in 2018!

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