Catching up overseas with Darian Sanayei! by Jacquie Shortino

Taking the leap from Lorettas to head overseas- Darian Sanayei has been having a very successful season in the EMX250 Class in France.  On board his BUD Racing Kawasaki he took some time to catch up in between training!


You’ve moved into second place in the championship after a 1-1 performance. That’s pretty impressive in your first year in the EMX250 class. Do you feel the fan support over there as well? 


I hear people cheering when I pass by but don’t really know if they are screaming for me!


Biggest difference in the tracks over there compared to racing in the states that you’ve had experience with so far?


I would say the tracks here don’t get near as much attention on them so it makes for a baked out track feeling


I can’t imagine how tough it is at such a young age to leave home and reside in a country where you aren’t familiar with the language. Favorite part of your adventure so far? 


Favorite part is just seeing they way people live in different places. Also just visiting new countries is cool


Plans to race back in the states in between your overseas race schedule as of right now? 


I’d love to do some off races in the states but nothing is planned for that right now


Describe the feeling of being on the podium with the American flag and the Star Spangled Banner playing?


Hardest adjustment to life in France? 


The language and not being able to remember any of the town names and where the tracks are lol


Plans for the remainder of 2016 and have anything lined up for 2017 as of right now?


Hopefully going to do the GPs in America and then for 17 nothing is set in stone yet but looking at doing GP mx2



Best of luck to Darian as he continues his racing overseas!

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