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Driven Mx- Promoting Positivity!

As the second year commences for the Driven Mx Professional Arenacross Team the excitement grows. Owner Clay Elliott leads the team of five riders and is a big advocate of creating a positive atmosphere surrounding his team in the motocross community. Elliott rode pro for five years in the AMSOIL Arenacross series from 2011-2015. As a result of a long-standing shoulder injury that would hinder his progress as a pro rider he decided to form and head up a team to assist and manage riders in their careers. Clay’s goal is to be ambassadors for Arenacross racing. He prides his team in their desire and ambition to promote his goal. Their positive attitude and giving back the community was evident in their first year as a team in 2016. Not only does this promote the sport it promotes great attitudes for a winning combination!


I spoke with owner Clay Elliott as the team made their way from opening round in Cinci to the next round in Grand Rapids. They travel as a team in an RV to all rounds. Clay discussed why it’s important for them to be a team in a sport that is commonly centralized on operating solo. They do not have full time mechanics that accompany them on the road for the entire series. They currently have about half of the rounds covered by their dedicated team mechanics but the rest are up in the air. Driven Mx prides themselves on their message to unify and promote positivity.   They currently have a visit to a children’s hospital scheduled when they are in Louisville this year. It’s important to Clay to get the message out about creating that positive vibe and feel-good nature to accompany the sport of moto.

Five riders currently make up the Driven Mx Team. Andy Daggett #140 from Boston, Massachusetts, Chance Blackburn #28 of Spokane, Washington, Jared Lesher #13 from Elderton, PA, Jeramy Taylor #32 from Canton, OH and Vincent Murphy #161 of New Hyde Park, NY. Team mechanics are Ryan Kuestner from Massillion, OH and Nick Stevens of Canton, OH.


In their first year as a team they had two main event wins and a third in the West Coast Lites Division by Jared Lesher. 2017 is looking to be even more exciting with their team roster!


Backed with support for their program from many great sponsors, this Arenacross team gives their riders an opportunity to pursue their dream with the best support system they can have. They are looking forward to traveling to their entire series in their RV. Keep your eyes out for the Driven Mx team at the AMSOIL Arenacross Events! They are looking forward to a great 2017

Photos by Martha Farmer- MEPMX







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