Meet the Media- Defyfocusphotography- Casey Schneider

The media is your window to the world of Supercross!! We are so lucky to have some super talented contributors here at GRIND MX. Take a few minutes to see the person behind the lens!

Family– My parents split when I was younger but both them and my younger sister live up in Humboldt County, CA where I came from.

Degrees– no degree yet but very close to having my fire science degree for firefighting.

Jobs– I spent 9 years working for The California department of forestry and fire protection aka Cal Fire before I picked up a camera. Now I work for Rockstar energy’s performance garage where I shoot a lot of automotive stuff.

Favorite track– Hangtown for sure! It’s a party out there! Haha the fans get wild and the track is always challenging for even the top riders.

Friendliest pro rider– every time I have approached Marvin M he is so kind and always willing to answer questions or take photos. It’s great to see such a talented rider still take the time to do stuff like that. Means a lot to us media folks.

Scariest moment– I have had many of close calls out shooting at Pala Raceway. I like to use my fisheye lens so I tend to get a little to close at times. I have roosts cover me as well as bikes shooting over berms right me. Fortunately I’ve been uninjured each time.

Fellow photogs– I gotta say you (Jacquie Shortino) are one of them and without your help I wouldn’t have been able to shoot supercross. Another would be Krystyn Slack at Freestyle Photocross. She’s a great photographer, journalist, and friend!

Drink of choice– Nothing beats a glass of Gentleman Jack on the rocks. 👌🏼

Meal of choice– Anything with bacon!

Companies worked with– I’ve mostly worked as an independent freelance photographer. I have sold images to companies but haven’t taken any positions shooting for a specific company. Freelance is my thing cause I don’t do well with authority from a boss. Haha

Worst weather– I’ve been fortunate enough to have caught each race I’ve shot in good weather! There are other events such as Lucas Oil off road racing and Formula Drift that I have shot in the rain. The Moto gods have blessed me with good weather when shooting track stuff.

Rider to follow on social– I gotta say I have really enjoyed following Ken Roczen. The story behind what this guy has gone through has been incredible to say the least. To go from such a bad injury to being back at the start gate is so inspiring. He has posted updates since the injury and we have all seen the hard work and dedication behind the competitor he is. Can’t wait to see the guy race again.

Setup– I prefer to have dual setups strapped to a harness around my waist. I have a canon 5d4 that I run a 70-200mm on and then I have a 7d2 that I put a 16-35mm lens on. I enjoy having both a tele and wide lens ready at all times.

Advice– I’ve never taken any photography classes so all my knowledge has come from asking others and looking things up online. I can’t stress enough how important it is to ask if you don’t know. There is never a dumb question. Also, I recommend spending a lot of time watching YouTube videos and learning from what others have to say or can show you. YouTube is the reason I know what I know today.

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