Meet the Media!- Jacquie Shortino

Take a minute to catch up with the media behind the coverage at Supercross!


Family?  Four kids- 23, 21, 17 year old twins- 2 boys 2 girls

Degrees? Masters in Elementary Education (Teaching Degree)

Jobs? currently freelance photography and cosmetic tattooing- previous teaching, stay at home mom, owner custom clothing boutique/clothing designer and seamstress, web design

Fave amateur race JS7 Freestone Amateur Spring Championship

Fave national track UNAFUCKINDILLA- hometown track

Friendliest pro Rider you’ve met Christian Craig- Marvin Musquin

Scariest moment shooting Moto couple close calls- i can run quick in flip flops

Fellow photogs you keep in touch with? luckily lots…lol..Martha (MEPMX), Jim McMillan (six10mxphoto), Anthony Carcaramo, Brian Converse (motoonemx), Casey Schneider (defyfocusphotography), Tyler Johnson (tylerjphoto) Connor Moore (activatephoto), Matt Wellumson (MXMATT) Spencer Owens, Jack Jackson..I mean honestly if you’re nice to me I’m nice to you..sorry I’m not naming everyone but there are lots of super cool media!!!

Drink of choice NA or alcohol lol – Water with lemon..I go hard…lol

Meal of choice  PIZZA!!!!!!!

Cool companies you’ve worked for in Moto  Novik Gloves was my original number one supporter!! FXR is one of the nicest brands out there! Alias- super awesome

Worst weather condition race you’ve shot  Yikes…the 90000 degree Loretta TN temps and walking 10 miles a day for 12 plus hours did not pair well with my migraines..Unadilla 2017 torrential downpour

Rider on social you’d recommend everyone makes sure they follow  AC- keeps it real and funny, Roczen will fire back if needed, Wilson same….lol

Uniform you wear to shoot (this means your standard set up) 😂  I’m a low end photog.  I’m a Canon girl- 7DII paired with 70-200 and my weapon of choice for 90% of sports shots.  Just got a Canon 5d4 and am in loveeee with it

Advice for aspiring Moto photographers.  If you’re not having FUN don’t do it 🙂 It’s an addiction…once you start it’s hard to stop

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