Meet the Media! Martha Farmer- MEPMX

Media is your window to the world in Supercross!! We are lucky here at GRINDMX to have some super talented contributors! Take a minute to learn about our media here at GRINDMX!



Photo- Matt Wellumson- Mx Matt


Photo- Christian Munoz


Family:  Son, Joshua, 30, works for James Thomas Productions.  Brother and parents who live in Maine.


Jobs:  Retired MSGT USAF, Aircraft Mechanic, Crew Chief and Flight Engineer. Mechanic at Delta Air Lines.  Currently FAA Aviation Safety Inspector.
Fav Amateur Race:  Racer X Maine Event (previously known as Vurb Classic) at MX207
Fav National Track:  WW Ranch
Friendliest Pro Rider:  Lorenzo Locurcio
Scariest Moment:  Hit by a dirtbike at Mini O’s 2016.
Fellow Photogs:  Jacquie Shortino, Matt Wellumson, Danny Stuart, Debbie Pingel, Jim McMillan, Randall Overby, Jordan Hoover
Drink:  Leinenkugel/Sam Adams/Yuengling beer/Cold Cock Whiskey
Meal:  Italian/Chick-fil-a
Worst Weather:  Heat and Rain at Lorettas and Snow/cold at Millcreek
Rider to Follow:  Luke Neese, Nick Tomasunas, Frank Mann(thefactory117)
Uniform:  Two Nikon D3s, Nikon 70-200 2.8, Nikon 300 2.8
Advice:  Shoot everything and everyone.  I have learned this past year to get those personal shots as you never know what may happen and the families will love to have them.  Watch what you post on social media, it may comeback to bite you in the ass.

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