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Indianapolis; a city known for its racing heritage, stayed true to its roots this weekend by offering up some heated competition in Lucas Oil stadium. Things started off fiery early on in the 250 qualifying with Adam Cianciarulo and Zach Osborne, your 250 class points leader, going back and fourth eventually getting together and causing some havoc. Osborne came away unscathed, however Cianciarulo left the track on the Alpinestars medical cart for further examination. Word came later on that he had tweaked his knee but would be back for the night show. This was not what Cianciarulo was looking for to kick things off in indy. Coming from his first win in almost 3 years at Daytona, he rolled in to town with a newfound confidence of which he had been lacking at prior rounds. The stage was set, and he was ready, however the incident with Osborne seemed to really take the wind from his sails for the remainder of the day.

With Cianciarulo off the pace, that meant Joey Savatgy would have to run it home for the Pro Circuit Racing team. Joey looked great in practice, laying down some consistently fast laps, picking apart the Indianapolis track. The speed from practice continued on into the qualifying sessions. Joey left the first qualifying session second on the board with a 47.009, right behind Osborne with a 46.910. Savatgy came out for the second qualifying session ready to ride, and laid down a blistering 45.605 lap time that firmly established him atop the qualifying list for the 250 riders. Osborne came in behind Savatgy, followed by a confident looking Jordon Smith.

With the gate picks set, it was time to head into the heat races to divvy up the main event starting order. Heat one found Cianciarulo running it in for the hole shot, followed by closely by Jordon Smith, and Christian Craig. Cianciarulo held his lead for a couple of minutes, however around the halfway point, Jordon Smith slid past Adam through a rhythm section followed by Craig who passed him through the whoops. That pretty well sealed the deal for Heat #1. Smith stood atop of the box ahead of Craig and Cianciarulo.

The 250 Heat #2 opened up with the Star Racing Yamaha teammates Mitchell Harrison, and Dylan Ferrandis coming in 1,2, with Savatgy & Osborne trailing behind. Shortly thereafter, Savatgy & Osborne managed to slide by Ferrandis and began to pursue Harrison for the lead. Savatgy made a mistake the next time through the whoop section, dragging Ferrandis down to hit the dirt with hm. With all of the carnage behind him, Osborne was set to chase down Harrison with little pressure from behind. With the clock winding down, Osborne makes the pass on harrison, and lands himself on the top step of the podium for heat # 2.

With the Heats and LCQ over, it was time to line up for the 250 Main Event. Things were shaping up be exciting. Savatgy was trailing Osborne by 6 points coming into this race, so a good solid ride would be beneficial for Savatgy in his chase for the Championship. Same being said for Osborne, he needed to run in a solid race to further his points lead, and make another step in solidifying his possible championship season.

After the gate dropped, Savatgy ripped the holehshot, trailed by Osborne and the TLD teammates Martin & Smith. This is what Savatgy needed, it was his first hole shot of the year, so now he had the chance to get out front, stretch out his legs a bit, and just ride smooth like he had been to start the day off. Easier said than done however, having the company of Osborne and the TLD boys, Savatgy was going to have to really lay down a couple of heaters, and gap the rest of the field. Right off of the bat, the two front runners had different rhythms going through the section after the second triple. Osborne seemed to have the edge, going 2-4-2 he got through smoother and faster being able to send the last double and land out in front of the start gate. Savatgy stuck with the 3-1-1-2 rhythm, which to the naked eye didn’t look as fast. Other than that, taking away the mistakes made by both, they seemed pretty evenly matched

outside of that section. Savatgy learned from the heat to protect the inside line after the whoops from Osborne, however a with 7 and a half minutes remaining, Osborne found a boost of speed through the whoops and ran it in on savatgy to make the pass on the inside. After bouncing off of each other they managed to keep it on two wheels and continue racing. Osborne smelled blood for the first half of the race and managed to capitalize on that a take the lead going into the latter half of the main event. Savatgy was now running in second, and it was his chance to find some momentum and swing the race back in his direction. Winning the race would mean Savatgy could cut the points lead in half for Zach Osborne, reeling him in and getting closer to taking that red plate away. Meanwhile behind the two front runners, the TLD crew had managed to sneak up to within 3 seconds of them after Osborne’s pass took the momentum away from both riders trying to exit the corner. Shortly thereafter, Alex Martin made a mistake after the finish line jump and stuck his front wheel entering the corner sending him over the bars and taking some time away from his teammate Jordon Smith. Surprisingly enough, Martin managed to get back up, regroup, and hold his position following his incident.

From that point on, Osborne and Savatgy kept it status quo, and finished the race 1-2. Savatgy fought hard, only finishing 2 seconds behind Osborne. However, Zacho came to play tonight, and he was just the guy to beat. To round out the top five, Jordon Smith came in third, followed by his teammate Alex Martin and then PCR’s Adam Cianciarulo.

What an exciting latter half of the season we have in the 450 class for 2017. With Tomac mounting a comeback like we haven’t seen in quite some time, things are really getting interesting as the stakes get a little bit higher every weekend. What a time to be a fan right? This year has had us on the edge of our seats for the majority of the rounds. From Roczen coming out and living up to the hype around his move to factory Honda and then falling from graces in a horrendous crash, or the ride that Ryan Dungey put in last weekend after a disastrous start that left him buried in the back of the pack. All I can say is keep tuning in, or buying those tickets, because this thing is shaping up to come down to the wire like never before.

Ryan Dungey, the 3 time defending champ still sets atop the points list for the 2017 supercross season However, as noted, Tomac is carving away at it one weekend at a time. Coming into Indianapolis with a 17 point lead, Ryan Dungey knows what needs to be done to stifle the wave momentum that Tomac seems to be surfing in on week in and week out. He needs to win, and he needs to do it this weekend.

To kick things off in Indy, Marvin Musquin came out swinging with the fastest qualifying time of 45.948, behind him Tomac ran it in for a 46.141. Marvin seems to have gotten over the flu that he was fighting in the past couple rounds, possibly coming in a bit under the radar this weekend. Dungey had a good digger on the 6 pack during qualifying however, he shook it off and managed to put in a 46.509, qualifying 6th.

With the gate picks set, Heat #1 got underway. After the gate dropped, Tomac found himself crossing the white line first grabbing the hole shot with the company of Alessi, Anderson, Seely & Reed. The champ, Ryan Dungey, did not manage to find himself upfront for heat one. With a 9th place start, he would really have to work to go straight to the main event. Alessi ended up sliding back, being the only front runner at the first turn to leave the top 5 race order. Everyone filed in one by one and click off the laps up front, meanwhile Dungey was slicing through the pack and managed to catch up to Reed. From here on out in Heat #1 Reed and Dungey would go back and fourth for what made an epic race to watch. When the dust settled Reed come across the line in the last transfer spot, leaving Dungey to run the semi.

For Heat #2 Blake Baggett came across the line first, and ran the race as the leader for a short time. His teammate Davi Millsaps, managed to grab a 2nd place start, making a hard charge through the whoops to get by Baggettt. Behind them Trey Canard managed to make a pass on Vince Friese, running up into the 4th position behind Marvin Musquin. With Musquin in the mix is was going to be hard for Baggettt & Millsaps to hold position. Marv was going to the inside after the whoop section while the two front runners went outside. With the inside line, Marv managed to shave time off lap by lap. He was running the same rhythm as the rest while going inside and getting through the corner much quicker. With close to a minute remaining Musquin made the pass on Baggettt for second place, while behind them Malcom Stewart gets pass in on Canard for 5th place. With Marv moving up into striking position of the lead, he makes his move while exiting the whoop section and goes inside. Him and Millsaps leave the corner side by side and race through the rhythm section, however Marv cant make the pass stick. With clock winding down, Marvin Makes his move right at the finish line and steals the win away from Millsaps as they cross the finish line.

With Dungey having to take another stab at qualifying for the main, he lines up for Semi #2 with the likes of Justin Brayton, Justin Barcia, and Jake Weimer. Dungey trailed Brayton for the duration of the second semi, and ran it in for a second place finish, grabbing his gate for the main event. Behind him were Broc Tick, Jake Weimer, and Justin Barcia.

Everything is set and ready to go, the riders shake down their nerves as they line up for what everyone came to see- the 450 Main event! For the second time on the weekend, Blake Baggettt rips the hole shot and takes an early lead, trailed by Tomac, Dungey, Reed, and Musquin. After making the first lap, Baggettt bobbles a bit in the whoops, and Tomac is right there to capitalize on his mistake, taking the lead on lap 2. Shortly thereafter, Dungey makes a pass on Baggettt, setting the stage for the showdown everyone has been waiting for. For the next 15 Minutes both Tomac & Dung go at it, each making their own fair share of mistakes, Dungey showing Tomac a wheel here and there. Behind the two front runners, there are plenty of good battles taking place. Seely after having a little bobble in the corner makes his pass on Millsaps for 5th place, meanwhile closely behind them Bogle & Tickle are duking it out for 8th place. At the height of the battle, Bogle ends up rolling the finish line jump, allowing Dean Wilson to slide in past him, now giving chase to Tickle. Sneaking up on Wilson, Justin Barcia manages to run it in on him and make the pass at the bottom of the triple, moving Justin into 8th place. With 4 and a half minute’s remaining, Marvin Musquin has caught up to your champion Ryan Dungey. He slides in to take second place, taking it away while cutting away the points gap between Tomac & Dungey. This is exactly what Tomac needs, more room between him and Dungey at the end of the main event. The top 5 hold position for the remainder of the race and finish as follows; Tomac, Musquin, Dungey, Baggett, and Seely.

Leaving the weekend, Ryan Dungey’s points lead has shrunk to just 12 points. Tomac, can smell blood, has momentum on his side, and is poised to take the red plate as this thing comes down to the end within the next 6 weeks. Indianapolis has again lived up to its name of being the american city of racing bringing us some fiery competition from both classes. With the stakes rising every weekend, and the points races coming down to the end, it will be interesting to see who comes out on top. Tune in next week when the series goes to Detroit to see how it

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