On the GRIND with Brett Cue!




On the GRIND with Ride 365 Rider Brett Cue

Send us a selfie from your phone! Caught up with RIDE365 Rider Brett Cue who is currently on the injured list!



Time your alarm set for?


Typical breakfast feast?

Not a breakfast fan, but usually donuts!

What wheels do you roll to the track?

Dodge Ram 1500 Eco diesel

Mountain bike? Gym? Cross fit?All of the above? 

Ohhh… I’ve never been to a gym or really worked out… I like riding bicycles and mountain bikes, but rarely do

2-Stroke- 4-Stroke- Pit Bike?

Depends on the situation and track, but I love my 450.

What’s in your cooler besides water?

I drink a lot of sweet tea.

3 Favorite snacks

Oreos, popcorn and Doritos

Cool weather riding or hot weather?

Cold. I love riding in a hoodie

Whips or bar drags?

Both are awesome, but I love whipping my bike!

What’s on your DVR?

Moto and some older movies I enjoyed growing up that I’ll watch when I have time.

Country-Rap-Pop-All? None?

Country is my go to. I’ll listen to anything that’s catchy and I can understand though.

Least favorite part about clean up after riding?

Air filters

Favorite Social Media Platform?


Funniest pro rider on social media?

Adam Cianciarulo

Favorite national track?

Washougal or Budds Creek

Favorite dinner when you’re not on a strict training diet?

Haha! I’m usually not on any diet. Homemade beef and noodles is the choice!

Snap backs or tattoos?


City or country?

Country within reach of the city.

Favorite bike ever owned?

2008 CRF 450 


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