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On the GRIND with Chase Marquier

RIDE365 Rider Chase Marquier from Oklahoma took some time for On the GRIND

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Time your alarm set for?

I usually set my alarm for 7:45am every morning

Typical breakfast feast?

My typical breakfast would have to be some oat meal with some fruit cut up in it with a nice glass of OJ

What wheels do you roll to the track?

I drive my 2013 sprinter van to the track.

Mountain bike? Gym? Cross fit? All of the above?

I’m more of a mountain bike and road bike type of person, all though I do a few gym workouts during the week as well.

250-450-2 stroke-pit bike?

I’m a 4-stroke guy all day

What’s in your cooler besides water?

Other than water and some skratch drink mix, I might have a few silver bullets for the mechanic or if anyone just wants a brew lol

3 Favorite snacks

3 favorite snacks would have to be, pbj sandwich, bonk breakers, and a banana with peanut butter

Cool weather riding or hot weather?

The perfect riding weather for me would have to be about 70 degrees, right around the fall area.

Whips or bar drags?

I like whips, but I don’t think it compares to dragging a bar in a perfect loamy rut.

What’s on your DVR?

The only thing I have on my DVR is the races.. I know, very lame!

Country-Rap-Pop-All? None?

When it comes to music I like just about anything other than screamo and death metal.. That stuff makes me want to slit my wrists!

Least favorite part about clean up after riding?

Worst part for me after riding is cleaning gear, I hate cleaning gear haha

Favorite Social Media Platform?

Instagram has to be my favorite, but sometimes you see some good stuff on Twitter.

Funniest pro rider on social media?

Malcolm Stewart is probably one of the funniest rider on social media, him or Bryar perry!

Favorite national track?

Favorite national track so far would have to be IRONMAN in Indiana

Favorite dinner when you’re not on a strict training diet?

Favorite dinner would be tacos, can’t go wrong with tacos.. So good

Snap backs or tattoos?

Snapbacks as of right now.

City or country?

Country, I’m from Oklahoma so that’s a given

Favorite bike ever owned?

My favorite bike I’ve ever owned would be my 2016 crf250 that I just purchased.

Good Luck to Chase in 2016!

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