Small Girl, Big Dreams – The Sissy Livingston Story

WORDS BY: Taylor Dressler
PHOTOS COURTESY OF: Jessica Tenhagen

It’s hard to find 10-year-old Sissy Livingston of Cookeville, Tennessee not smiling when she’s at the track. You can tell by that very smile that she truly loves every minute she gets so spend around dirt bikes. She is known for her positive attitude and the blonde pigtails attached to her helmet. Her passion for the sport is contagious. The minute you meet her you can’t help but to notice how much this energetic young girl enjoys swinging a leg over a bike and putting in laps.

Don’t let her small size fool you though; she is fearless when it comes to the track. She’s not easily intimidated by new challenges and has no problem launching big doubles. Still under five feet tall, I’ve seen videos of her riding a full size 250f around like it was no big deal. She may be young, but she is constantly pushing herself to be a better rider. Her desire to improve her skills and the work ethic that goes along with it is what sets her apart from other kids her age.

For most middle schoolers, Summer time means no school, vacation time and having fun with friends. For the Livingston’s, it means more time that Sissy can spend around her dirt bike. This summer is particularly special for Sissy because for the first time she will get to line up with the some of the fastest girls in the country for the 34th annual Rocky Mountain ATV/MC AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at the Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

This hasn’t been an easy feat for Sissy, who traveled all over the East coast and had to overcome the challenges she faced at her Area and Regional Qualifiers to earn her ticket to the Ranch. Sissy will be lining up with the Girls Jr. (9-13) Class aboard her CCR Racing/Mid-State Motorsports backed Husqvarna TC 85 to compete against the most talented riders in her age bracket.

Even though this will be her first time at this big amateur national, she has been racking up wins all over the southeast. In 2014, she won four class championships in the Arenacross Tour series, being the first girl to claim a championship title in a predominantly boys class. She also took home second overall at the 2015 Mill Creek Spring Classic. At the 2014 Thor Winter Olympics she finished 3rd overall in the Girls (9-11) Supercross class and 5th overall in the Girls (9-11) motocross class. Her next big challenge will be preparing for one of the most prestigious amateur nationals that is only a few short weeks away.

Sissy doesn’t spend her time training at a big facility, but rather at the turn track in her backyard. She has more determination and heart than most kids her age, and holds herself accountable to practice as much as she can. It’s definitely a family matter for the Livingston’s. Her number one fans being her family, with her dad spending countless hours driving to races and doing bike work to keep that unforgettable smile on her face. She shares the spotlight with her three other sisters and has an awesome support system to help her get ready for her Loretta Lynn’s debut.

We were able to convince Sissy to take a break from training so we could ask her a few questions:

What is your favorite thing about riding a dirt bike?
Its really fun and I get to hang out with my buddies at the track!!

What has been you’re best memory so far on this journey to qualify for Loretta’s?
Well, I did really good the Mid-East Regional at Sunday Creek Raceway. I got a fourth place and that was probably my favorite. It’s been my favorite track so far.

Loretta’s is only a few weeks away, are you nervous at all?
Not really, I’m just really excited to get to go. I can’t wait to be there and ride with my buddies all week.

What have you been doing to train for Loretta’s?
Well, I have a turn track in my backyard and there aren’t many big jumps at Loretta’s so I’ve mainly been practicing on it. I ride it almost everyday.

If you could pick one person to go riding with at any track for the ultimate ride day, who would it be and where would you go?
I would go with Katie Benson and go to Mill Creek in Alabama.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the #77 machine of Sissy Livingston at the Loretta Lynn Amateur National this year and big races to come in the future!

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