St. Louis Sx 2017

St. Louis Photos- Tyler Johnson- Elevated Mx

The last two weekends of Supercross have been some of the most memorable races to date. Between the crazy battles in the 250 Class & a recently ignited beef between Dungey & Reed, Detroit & St Louis certainly weren’t lacking in entertainment. Although both tracks offered some stellar entertainment, they couldn’t have been more different in style & function. Detroit was a somewhat simplified track, where St. Louis was slightly more technical, in addition to offering some killer dirt.

East coast has been an exciting class to keep up with! With Joey Savatgy opening things up with a bang, Zach Osborne coming on & winning the next 3 out of 4, then to much of our surprise, Jordon Smith reeling off two in a row!
The action of the night took place up front between the Top 2 in points for the second week in a row. Joey Savatgy got out to a great start & was delivering a sound performance, until a big mistake in the corner. Jordon Smith was able to gain the lead and it wasn’t long before the veteran Savatgy was on the hunt. While they jostled for position, one of the fastest guys of the whole series, Zach Osborne began to close in on the action,too. Versace put in his best effort amidst several costly mistakes. However, Jordan Smith’s smooth flawless riding was able to give him that 2nd career victory.
After another dominant performance in Detroit by Eli Tomac, much of the motocross world was on notice as Dungey would fight to maintain his point lead. The night couldn’t have started out better for the Minnesota native, as he came away with the heat race win. Tomac, on the other hand, ran into some heat race misfortune, but he was able to slide past Barcia for a ticket to the main.

The 450 main event provided Dungey the chance to conquer the Tomac train. Finally, the two title contenders jump out to a 1-2 position early on. Dungey captured the lead & held it for all of about 2 seconds, as Tomac was aggressive in making his way past the reigning champ. From there, Tomac simply didn’t look back, which was a good thing because Dungey meant business. The rest of the moto was fairly uneventful, with the exception of the whole Reed, Dungey fiasco. Dungey was really putting on a solid charge to challenge first place Tomac , but the Colorado Kid has simply been untouchable. It was ET3 for a fifth win in a row!

With only 4 Rounds left in the title chase, In the 450’s, Tomac & Dungey are separated by only for points. Over on the 250 side, there are only 12 points separating the top 3 in the title hunt. Given the way these first 7 rounds have gone, you surely do not want to miss the remaining rounds!.

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