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The Name Game

As the Supercross season begins, we need to address the name game. Names. They are hard to pronounce. They are. Even with all the phonetics we learn in school (fe-nediks) in case you’re wondering how to pronounce that word. Supercross has its fair share of fun names to pronounce.

One of the top mispronounced names is currently Marvin Musquin. Aside from the French decent, we struggle with the correct pronunciation of Musquin. Moose-can, Muse-kin, Muskin, Moose-cannnnn- some days the possibilities seems endless. French television can confirm the correct pronunciation. Call him Marvin- avoid the struggle.

Another top offender is Bisceglia. Matt Bisceglia has given announcers their fair share of issues. Bis-SHELL-E-a, Bis-KEG-lia, Bishellllllllla, Bis-EGG-la. Bisceglia confirmed in an interview with Bubb Lannan the correct pronunciation is Buh-shell-yuh. Got it? Again Matt works alongside his number, right?

Plessinger. Come on. The double consonant SS means a short vowel sound of e. But still we get Pless-injure, Pless-ZINGER. Aaron recently confirmed in Race Day interviews that the name mispronunciation dates back to his dad who never wanted to feel bad correcting people. AP sets the record straight with PLESS-ING-gerrrrr However when it doubt you can be safe with AP- instead of mispronouncing his last name.

Martin Davalos. For as many years as he’s been around we should really have his name mastered!! Come on now. Mar- TEEN- we get that right more than not- However, Marty will suffice as a substitution anyways instead of saying Martin- as to be easily confused with the Martin brothers. Davalos- yes we hear it- Dah- VAHHH-los, DAH-VAH-los (correct), DAV-LOS (skip the entire middle syllable). So, Marty-you’re good.

New to the Supercross circuit, but certainly the last name is not new to the racing community- Surratt. Just yesterday is was SURR-RATTT, SURR-IT, SURR-AHHTTT. Ryan made the main at A2 so we definitely need to learn the name. We certainly know the infamous 338 number. Surry it is until we get confirmation.

Big thank you to riders like Justin Hill, Jeremy Martin and Chad Reed who give our pronunciation skills a break! Now if we can just keep track of everyone 2017 numbers we will be good!

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